Janet, I just wanted to thank you for the work you did for us. You made it easier and more comfortable than I thought it would be. I really appreciate everything you did for us. I was a pleasure working with you, so thank you!


I first spoke with Janet Carter two years ago in November of 2011 with a few questions about mediation. I was trying to hold a difficult marriage, but I had a feeling no matter how much I tried it wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t until a year later, when a second extramarital affair of my wife’s came to light and I knew it was time to called Janet again. She was very supportive and said that she had a very reasonable fee, (which is VERY reasonable) that she could have the paperwork started, completed and filed with the court in probably 3 or 4 sessions. Which she did.

Her knowledge of all aspects of the law are quite evident and impressive. Her mediation skills are superior. When there were contentious issues that arose, she would redirect and move on to other matters that needed to be dealt with. She would later return and resolve the previous issues when feelings and emotions were calmer. She kept the process moving forward. This benefited both parties. All issues were thoroughly covered and every question was answered. This allowed both parties to make appropriate and well informed decisions.

I retained an attorney (as Janet suggests if we care to), for consultation only. I spent almost three times as much for a consulting attorney who I spoke to personally for no more than an hour and on the phone for maybe 45 minutes.

For me personally, this was with out a doubt one of the most difficult and painful experiences of my life. Janet got me and my ex-wife through it with true compassion, skill and expertise.

I have no reservations recommending Janet Carter for any and all of your mediation needs.

Thank you Janet!

Janet Carter was a blessing to us in getting our divorce finalized. I started talking to divorce lawyers and found out the cost would be $40,000 on my side and there was no limit to the charges. After spending 3 sessions with a Newport Beach lawyer acting as our mediator we had not made one decision related to the divorce and she wasted 6 months of time by not filing the basic paperwork with the courts to get the process started. Since we had never been divorced before we had no idea what paperwork should be filed or how the process works. My wife also had a lawyer she found ($4,000.00 fixed price) present at some of the sessions but I felt they were all attacking me as the husband instead of moving the mediation process forward by getting us to agree on some basic issues.

After hearing Janet Carter on the radio I decided to give her a try as our mediator. Janet provided us with a very reasonable hourly rate for the mediation, she explained in the detail how the complete process works and what paperwork needs to be filed immediately which she took care of on the first session. Janet was able to get us to decide on the critical issues related to the divorce and set timelines for these to be accomplished. She gave us recommendations on approaches we could take on the various issues which we followed to make it happen. We had a number of heated discussions between my ex-wife and I but Janet was always able to keep the process moving forward. My ex wife’s lawyer also sat in some of these sessions. She mentioned to me at one point “you really don’t need me at these sessions”.

Janet also helped my ex-wife get paperwork filed with the Courts that should have been completed over a year ago by the fixed price lawyer.

I would highly recommend Janet Carter as a divorce mediator.

Janet Carter used appointment time efficiently, allowing us to finish a once daunting task of divorce in about 4 sessions. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to actually know all the necessary information has been gathered, forms filled in, documents signed and mailed. All that is left to do is wait for final mailing from the courts. It was Janet’s experience, ability to stick to the task, and desire to serve us well that has put me on the other side of a terrible hurdle. Janet is respectful, kind, focused, and capable. Efficient with time, she helps clients spend just what is needed to complete a divorce. Retain Janet and cooperate with her, and you will be divorced for a very reasonable price with the least amount of wasted emotional energy.

My spouse, at the time, and I were searching for a family law attorney to assist us with the complex and daunting task of filing for dissolution of marriage. We were approaching our separation amicably and considered filing all of the paperwork ourselves – not only saving money, but also more importantly, ensuring that we maintained our friendship throughout the process. However the volume of paperwork involved and the inordinate amount of time needed to educate ourselves on all of the correct court procedures and timetables, made us think twice about doing this ourselves. We decided that we needed an attorney that would not only assist us with all of the legal paperwork, but would also be supportive of our desire for an amicable process. We were so fortunate to have been referred to Janet. From our first meeting to the last, Janet was incredibly efficient; many times completing several court required documents in one meeting. She was honest, sincere and supportive, and made us feel very comfortable from the very start. We were also very impressed with the depth of her knowledge of family law and the Orange County court processes. In a few short meetings, we had completed everything. I would highly recommend Janet and the services that she provides through The Advocate’s Legal Center.

To Janet, I don’t know where to begin with the gratitude and blessings of the wisdom you had in mediating my marriage situation … I started with you 2 yrs ago and had a fear of what the future would hold for the 27 yrs of marriage that ended due to adultery and deception and tragedy of divorce this Sept 2011 … I know that I was led to you due to much research and referral for a good, honest, and attorney with integrity and strength … Your ability to mediate where man, on the average, takes so much emotional, financial, and neglect in responding to marriage difficulties was far more than I could express. My heartfelt thanks for how you handled all the dealings with my separation, which ended in divorce, not at my wishes, but my spouses desire not to stay in the marriage. I see through your expertise and putting honesty and integrity first in all you do … I want to applaud all you did for me and I hope if in the future I ever need legal help and your Godly advice, I will not hesitate to contact you… May your work you have begun in the sight of our Great God continue … I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care…
— D (Daughter of the King)

My former wife and I were very fortunate to have started the dispute proceedings with Janet. I had learned a bit about Janet and Christian Dispute Resolution Services prior to scheduling our initial meeting with Janet. She explained the whole legal process with us that allowed a contentious mood to change to one of mediation and reconciliation. The Mediation process allows for spouses to proceed as amicably as possible through the difficult legal dispute process. Janet required of us financial documents and other supports paperwork to support our respective positions in a calm conciliatory atmosphere. Since we did not contact individual attorneys in the beginning, our mediation went fairly smooth and without the usual strain. With Janet’s direction, we were able to provide the necessary information and come to a common decision that was agreeable to both my former wife and me. Janet was very professional and helped keep us on track and helped eliminate some of the emotional decisions we were faced with. I cannot thank Janet enough for making this difficult process one that reduces the normal strain that usually is present. As a Christian attorney, Janet provided a service that went far beyond my expectations.
–D.D. (A Thankful Husband)

When I was looking for an attorney to get divorced, I knew very well that it was gonna be a long process in looking to get the right one and how much money it was gonna cost and going in and our of court houses. I was very fortunate that my friend recommended a mediator, it’s fast, less expensive, and within a few months, I was divorced and paperwork taken care. I was extremely grateful that I went to the mediator. I would consider getting a mediator instead of both parties having a lawyer of their own and prolonging the situation. Mediation is the only way to take care of these matters.
–Very grateful client, sincerely P.B.

After a year of highly contentious and destructive litigation my former spouse finally agreed to meet with Janet Carter in mediation. Janet stepped in and helped us to work together to resolve our outstanding legal issues, reduce acrimony, and end the fight. Between the two of us we had spent $100,000 in legal fees with no end in sight. Since my former wife was oversees, Janet set up several telephonic mediations using SKYPE and when we were both finally able to meet with Janet in person she worked with us to accommodate several days of 12 hour mediations – so that we could get everything wrapped up before my former wife left the country. Janet did in a couple of weeks what our attorneys had been unable to do in a year of litigation. This stopped the hemorrhaging of our finances for legal fees. Janet helped both of us understand what was reasonable and what the likely result would be if we went to court and helped us take the shortcut path to getting our lives back. Janet has a light and cheerful personality that really helped keep things from getting ugly during certain tense portions of our mediation. In the end we were both very satisfied with the result. The big surprise was that because our mediation went so well, it helped us to put the past behind us and move forward working together to co-parent our children. Since that time my former wife and I are able to communicate with each other peacefully and cooperatively. To our children who love us both unconditionally they were all so happy to see us once again getting along. Thank you Janet! You are what all family law attorneys should be.

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