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“No princess (or prince) left behind enemy lines!”

WE ARE good soldiers for Christ who have endured grievous hardships and suffering; and yet, have risen victorious through the grace and mercy of our King.
WE ARE commissioned to bring through, bring up and bring out, other good soldiers enduring the same hardships: the wounded in battle, the outcast, the scorned and the mistreated.
WE ARE skillful in the use of our artillery, having direct access to a power far greater than any nuclear bomb to fulfill our mission: The Word of God and the word of our testimony.
WE SPEAK life, liberty, and the power of the Kingdom of God, in order to restore our ranks back to uninhibited service to God’s divine destiny for their lives.
AS SOLIDERS, we understand and willingly submit to spiritual
AS SOLIDERS, we are oftentimes called to crucify our flesh in order to fulfill the greater cause.
AS SOLDIERS, no prisoner of war will be mistreated, mocked, or condemned.
AS SOLIDERS, we cover the backs of our troops, in prayer fellowship and exhortation.
AS SOLIDERS, we give and share in one another’s gifts, talents and resources.
AS SOLIDERS, we exhort our troops through boot camp with the goal of becoming true disciples, so that they may be equipped to pull out other captives trapped behind enemy lines.
AS SOLIDERS, we perform exploits to make sure each and every soldier makes it to their God given destiny.