THE ADVOCATE RADIO PROGRAM will be back on the air in your area soon!

You can even help make that happen. If you know of any station(s) or networks that would be a good fit for the Program in your area, please make contact with Janet by sending her an email to and/or make contact with that station manager to invite the Program to that station or network.

Unfortunately, Janet is unable to address the numerous calls, emails and inquires that she is receiving about the status of THE ADVOCATE RADIO PROGRAM, but for more information just click on BLOG A LEGAL QUESTION, where you too can post your comments and/or go to the “DATE NIGHT” Facebook page: for more information.

Until THE ADVOCATE RADIO PROGRAM resumes airing in your area, why not bring your legal questions to “DATE NIGHT” instead?

“DATE NIGHT” (your “date” with the Word of God), is ON HOLIDAY! We’re working on securing our new location in Santa Ana right now. To learn more about when and where click onto DATE NIGHT on the navigation bar (above).

THE ADVOCATE RADIO PROGRAM is a “live” call-in talk show providing a forum for legal questions to be answered from a Biblical perspective. The objective is to help the listening audience resolve both their personal and legal problems, in accordance with the Word of God.

THE ADVOCATE RADIO PROGRAM is an edifying alternative to other “advice shows” that are not Christ-centered and/or do not provide the legal perspective necessary to completely analyze and solve many of the problems facing the Christian Community today.